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Figma Web Design Templates

140+ responsive design blocks for building landing pages inspired by Material Design

Targeting block for audience
Pricing plans UI design for web site
Features block for web design
FAQ template for web design
Designers, developers and teams now can build sites better using design blocks from the nearest future

Product design for everyone

This web kit based on Google Fonts and contains a variety of styles to create
actual font pairings

Google Fonts Powered

We bring our best to create dark themes that help your visitor to stay focused to convert into a customer

Light & Dark themes

We've researched the web of the most successful high tech companies to collect most affordable blocks

Inspired by Top companies

Better showcase for your business

Are you a business? Are you a freelance designer and running your customers? Or a design / development team player? This web design kit helps everyone get a convenient showcase of a product, application or services powered by detailed Figma styles coming from the nearest future of design

Powered by Google Fonts

This web design templates kit is supercharged by our famous free Figma Fonts Playground system. You're free to swap between several most popular typefaces which are tweaked for better web accessibility

Light & Dark themes

We bring our best to create dark themes that help your visitor to stay focused to convert into a customer. You're free to get light mode, keep it dark, or combine both themes

Take a quick preview · More blocks

Categorized in 13 common sections: Hero covers, Navigation, Product features, Cards, Tables, Call to action, Pricing plans, Forms, Image grids, Testimonials, FAQ, Footers and more blocks.

Smart timesaver to have on hand · Try a demo

We've studied and explored thousands of web sites of Top-100 successful tech companies to collect and concentrate most convenient and presentable design blocks in a whole Design Product dedicated for landing pages


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