Outfit & Spline Sans. Free fonts combo for every case.
We have nominated the combination of free fonts Outfit & Spline Sans to use for every project. Whether it's branding, or complex web application development, this is the best choice in 2023. Let's breakdown how this pair looks.
December 2022 · 2 mins read

by Roman Kamushken


The best fonts pairing for 2023 nominated by Setproduct

2023 is set to be continued full of bold and creative fonts in graphic design. We are constantly looking for the latest and greatest font pairings to enhance our visuals. Two of the most popular picks for font pairings are Spline Sans and Outfit.
Spline Sans is a modern sans-serif typeface with a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. Its geometric shapes and rounded edges create a unique look that is perfect for branding, print materials, web & apps design. Spline Sans is nicely accessible and easy to read. Fits ideally to use as a body text.

Outfit is a geometric sans-serif typeface with a modern and sophisticated look. Its strong and bold shapes make it a great choice for headers that need a bit of a punch. This trendy neo-grotesk font is crafted perfectly, well shaped, and always on our UI design radar.
These two fonts work together very well, creating a strong and modern look that is perfect for any graphic design project. They are free fonts, available at Google Fonts and licensed as OFL. This makes them the perfect choice for any designer looking to create an eye-catching design without breaking the bank.
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Using these two fonts together can add a modern and sophisticated look to any design project. Whether used for branding, print materials, web & apps design, these two fonts will make any project stand out from the crowd. They are versatile enough to be used in a variety of different design styles, making them the perfect choice for any designer looking to create a modern and stylish look.
We've picked various screens from our impressive Figma templates collection, replaced fonts with Outfit & Spline Sans, added some visual smoothness and here is how universally this fonts pair looks everywhere:
In conclusion, font pairings are a great way to create a unique and eye-catching look for any design product. We've nominated Spline Sans and Outfit are two of the best font pairings for 2023 and can recommend to use in a variety of different design tasks. They are free and available at Google Fonts, making them a great choice for any designer looking to create an eye-catching design without breaking the bank.
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