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Figma React, Angular, SwiftUI kits to design and code simultaneously to release MVPs faster

Angular Material X

Material X Angular UI kit serves design and features of Figma components are equal to Angular components, which helps your designers and developers to stay in sync.

This Angular library is based on a modified version of popular and powerful open-source Taiga UI components library. We supply components with the comprehensive documentation, examples and full source code.

Material Design 3 React UI kit

Material Me ships a library of flexible components aligned between Figma and React. It helps to avoid design hand-off surprises and accelerates web development. Based on Material Design 3 (aka Material You) guidelines, this library written in JavaScript & PropTypes. Enhanced with Tailwind CSS, NextJS.

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Ideate & research with SetGPT

We've launched the alternative ChatGPT clone dedicated to UI designers, UX researchers, writers and indiehackers.

Powered by the latest OpenAI gtp-3.5-turbo model, this free chatbot is the perfect tool for those in need of intelligent and innovative insights, wrapped with a slick UI and sophisticated user experience.

Figma React UI kit

Designed and well-organized in Figma React-based UI toolkit for the web. Optimized for building complex data-dense interfaces for desktop and mobile applications. We carefully translated styles and specs from Figma into the React framework.

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Xela SwiftUI kit

Xela UIKit focuses on beautiful user experience and UX application interoperability. It's easy to learn and integrate with your projects. Contains no dependencies on other libraries or frameworks. The library uses native elements from SwiftUI. Designed in Figma. All inclusive.

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Figma Angular UI kit

Figma for Angular components library served as all-in-one design system for design & development teams. Contains styled Angular components named and designed the same way as in Figma. Based on a modified Angular Material framework.

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