Showcasing products and interaction with components
In this section you will find a significant amount of videos dedicated to showing the workflow acceleration by implementing Figma components, faster creating a variety of layouts by applying Global Styles, organizing layouts and design systems architecture for both of mobile and desktop projects

UI design videos

Material design for desktop

Calendar-based template UI design
Creating effective and clear dashboard
Figma layouts for finance / trading application
Social news template with voting function

Setproduct React components

From Figma to React components: Tabs
From Figma to React components: Text Fields
From Figma to React components: Buttons
From Figma to React components: Chips

Material design for web

Dribbble got redesigned by Material system
Material system components overview and features
Mailbox components-driven layout protoyping
Social news template with voting function

iOS mobile system

Applying custom themes for iOS templates
Mastering the messenger screen with chat bubbles
Designing a mobile screen for filtering purposes
iOS toolkit showcasing and highlights with narration

Data visualization & Charts kit

Live session for designing Hexbin charts
How to create trading charts with candlesticks
Designing the Radar chart within components
Arc tool in Figma for creating complex Radial charts

Android mobile system

Live prototyping session for Android
Creating files and folders list for Android
Showcasing ecommerce Android components
Overview for 140 predesigned shopping app layouts

Web design system

Figma web design system in action
Creating some promo pages for mobile web

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