Library of unified & polished components for design and development that matches the guidelines from pixel to pixel. Based on Material specs enhanced by a group of enthusiasts to deliver convenient experiences

Setproduct design system

All-in-one UI framework for React, Angular and Figma

All-in-one framework for the both development & design purposes to release better complex web apps

Design & Code

Design system components React, Angular, Figma
Advanced palette & elevation system for the smoother user experience and visual aesthetics

Colors & Shadows

Design system shadows & colors
Designed in Figma this design system matches the same UI in React & Angular and fits for every mission

Simple guidelines

Design system guidelines and specs
onHover, onClick, onFocus, Action and other conditions declared and guided properly for easy picking

Detailed statements

Material design system components styles
From simple components to complex dashboard templates Setproduct Design System makes the design and development for web faster and consistent powered by unified hi-end components

UI components for ambitious projects

Sidebar blocks navigation
Selection controls
Design system colors palette
Material design text fields
Dashboard React Angular UI kit
Segmented controls UI design
Design system shadows and elevation
Setproduct Design System starts with components-driven UI library made in Figma. Supported with detailed specifications, attention to the details and smart Atomic architecture. Named and organized as a developer likes.

Made in Figma

Figma design system components library
Setproduct Design System is based on Angular Material ( & React ( Quickstart for existing apps - only small tweaks needed. All stock components restyled and functional.

Preview for


Material design inputs UI
Huge boost to your productivity. Soon!
Setproduct Design System delivers to the teams and organizations
an opportunity to stay consistent while designing and developing for enterprise,
for your customer or other purpose web apps
From Figma to React components: Tabs
From Figma to React components: Text Fields
From Figma to React components: Buttons
From Figma to React components: Chips

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