More than 50 categories of components to have on hand for every case

2000+ reusable components

Design System for Figma with mobile and desktop templates
Every design item scales perfect to fit the layout. Design as easy as pie!

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This layouts library helps to create complex and consistent apps

15+ desktop templates

Design System for Figma with two UI themes to quickstart with
Customizable UI kit to adjust fonts, colors or brand styleguides

Global text & color styles

Design System for Figma with constrained UI design elements
Organized Design System for Figma made of components
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Large and complex elements Figma library with accessible UI for the usability and speed
OE Figma Design System
Customizable and well-organized team library. This design toolkit aimed for building highly loaded interfaces, boost the speed and save more costs.
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Get a quote on design job based on Ocean Enterprise. We can adjust colors, fonts, styles and create a variety of custom templates based on your wireframes or existing application.

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