Ready to rock in 2023?
18 latest resources that will boost your efficiency

In today's list, you will find texture and gradient generators, beautiful fonts, Figma plugins, AI tools, icons, illustrations and much more.
January 2023 · 3 mins read

by Jamshed Kasimov


Hey, designers and developers

To make the beginning of the new year more awesome for you, we've gathered the latest resources that will power up your workflow.
The promising 2023 is here and we hope it'll be full of new opportunities for all of us.

In today's list, you will find texture and gradient generators, beautiful fonts, Figma plugins, AI tools, and much more useful resources.

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Let's go!
  • Addy Codes Toolkit
    A nice collection of CSS buttons, box shadows, form inputs, color palettes, etc. Copy & paste them into your projects.

    The cool thing is that there are CSS styles for brands like Mailchimp, Shopify, ProductHunt, etc. that you can use for your inspiration.
  • Bueno NFT
    A graphic designer's detailed income report for 2021/22 in an engaging carousel format. The author wanted to be transparent so that everyone could use this material as a shareable resource when needed.

    You'll find a lot of interesting data, like worked hours, converted leads, expenses, and even donations.
  • Shift
    This great resource is for those who need to generate textures, gradients, and patterns. There are lots of them here, and they are available in SVG, PNG, and JPEG. And in the Variants tab, you can upload an image and get dozens of different samples of it.
  • Frames X for Figma
    Primer Prism is a tool for creating consistent and accessible color palettes. Not only you can generate color palettes, but also customize them to your liking. You can export your result in JSON or SVG format.
  • Complex Interfaces UI Kit
    If you like modern and versatile Sans Serif fonts, then check out this package. Mona Sans is a strong font that is a good fit for the web and print. Hubot Sans perfectly complements its partner and is perfect for headers and pull quotes.
  • Moja UI Kit for Figma
    This awesome Figma plugin lets you create editable designs from any website.

    You can use an existing website as a starting point for your ideas by importing its HTML into Figma rather than creating each component from scratch.
  • Vector Icons Pack 200+
    Lucide is an improved version of Feather Icons. This collection is open-source and was made by the community. It has almost 870 icons. Available in SVG and PNG.

    There are several functions that you can play with to change the color, stroke, and size of the icon.
  • Web Design Templates
    Check out this great collection of 400+ hand-drawn free icons for commercial and personal projects.

    Beautifully handcrafted icons are represented in 15 categories. Available in several formats – SVG, PNG, Figma. There are 100+ downloadable, catchy, and interactive animated icons.
  • ArtBeats
    This resource is a tribute to chrome logos, vintage cars, and various accessories of the past. Great website for inspiration. So, if you are a graphic designer working on concepts for projects, this resource will be useful to you.
  • UIverse
    This online tool brings the colors back to old photos. Palette is used both by retirees who are nostalgic about the old days and by the professionals on Netflix.
    Palette has 20+ filters and gives high-quality results.
  • 100 CSS Button Designs
    Great AI-image generator with lots of possibilities. Generate images with text prompt, erase and replace elements, generate variations, increase the quality of your artwork, and much more. Choose different models, modes, styles, and even sizes of your artwork. The demo is available here.
  • Heazy SVG Creator
    Tylify is a web-based app that creates patterns. Upload any image or add emojis, and then customize them as you wish. Change their colors, rotate them, and position them wherever you want. The background color is also customizable. The Figma plugin is available.
  • SVG Spinners
    A free open-source icon library with variable-stroke SVG, web font, and ready-to-use Figma, React, Vue, and Flutter packages. Extensive database of elements for any project. 2330+ icons and 32 categories. You can adjust them by size, stroke, and color. Get the Figma plugin here.
  • Untools
    This site gathers successful side projects & ideas. A great resource for anyone interested in profitable ventures and startups. If you are curious about learning how entrepreneurs create successful businesses, as well as how to earn money online – you can subscribe to this free weekly newsletter.
  • The History of UI
    If you work on your new startup and need Investors to fundraise – this VC database is what you need! has 2,000+ investors. Filters like City, State, Sector, etc. make the search experience easy.

    Once you find the investor you need, pitch him/her through Airtable.
  • DesignStripe
    Frontend Mini Challenges is a good platform if you want to know more about machine coding round interviews and frontend learning.

    In total it has 31 challenges. For example, there is a Password Strength challenge, that shows you if your password is strong or not.
  • Horizon UI
    This family of Sans Serif fonts was created within the internal system of Creative Sauce company. The typeface is designed to make the small text easier to read in print and on screens.

    Open Sauce fonts family supports more than 80 languages and has 42 styles.
  • Figma Components
    This great tool helps you automatically rename your Figma layers with AI. Meanwhile, this plugin will keep the names of your components that don't need renaming. The perfect resource to save time and have more fun designing.

    The plugin is free and open-source and is available here.
We bet this list was helpful to you and that you'll grab some of these resources with you for the just started new year! It was a complicated time, we do believe the 2023 will be a big bounce in tech & design industries.

May this new year be productive and creative for you! And remember that we are always here for you.

If you need our help in custom design and development - then don't hesitate and just fill in this form. We will make sure to contact you within 24 hours.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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