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Check out new product - S8 Design System

Build responsive modular web apps with ease

Design system

S8 Design System for Figma components & app templates
Build responsive web apps by reusing the same components & instances

Mobile & Desktop templates

Design System for Figma with mobile and desktop templates
Organized and labeled for a faster workflow. Just download and quickstart

Organized UI kit with components

Powered by Red Hat and Inter fonts. Two color themes available

Two themes and font styles

Design System for Figma with two UI themes to quickstart with
40+ clear and usable UX patterns which fit for every complex project

Effective UX flows & patterns

Design System for Figma with constrained UI design elements
Organized Design System for Figma made of components
Landing page, Forms & Inputs, User profile, App settings, Data grid tables, Search results, Filters & Sort, Ecommerce & Store, Navigation patterns and more to come...

40+ app layouts


S8 Design System for Figma is dedicated to designing mobile and desktop templates within the same components and instances. Adjustable, Organized, Responsive library based on modular web application ideas. Scales from mobile to desktop

From mobile to desktop

Helps to build responsive design layouts in Figma

Start with Red Hat or Inter. Select between two UI themes for desktop. Use smart color system with balanced tints and shades. Create stunning and usable web apps.

Two themes and font styles

Grouped and named for a faster workflow. Powered by Red Hat and Inter fonts. Equipped with global text & color styles for adjusting. Download, import and quickstart.

Organized design system with components

Design system styleguide, colors and fonts
Each section contains desktop & mobile versions of universal app templates powered by the best UX practices from famous and successful online apps

Clear, usable UX patterns as design templates

Design system components UI