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Handcrafted UI inspiration gallery for iOS patterns and best UX practices to use in application design

Stop creating from scratch the same UI items. Use our Figma templates to skip a pixel routine
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Our Figma components help to make beautiful apps. Get better at UX and hi-fi prototyping
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Figma iOS UI kit available as a components-driven library of iOS patterns and UI elements. Inspired by the top-rated apps. Native iOS13 & Custom styled components.

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❖ Categories: Sign In, Cards, Comments, Date & Time, Filtering, Home, Inputs, Launch screens, Lists, Maps, Messages, Navigation, Profile, Pricing plans, Search, Settings, PIN input, Registration, Bottom sheets, Grids, Charts, Data tables

User recognition flows with inputs
Content container and visual divider
Data visualization patterns
Communication is our nature
Calendar-based patterns
Avoid empty states and lead to the action
Dedicated for narrowing the data
Cell-driven method of ordering the content
Patterns to quickstart the app browsing
Accepting the data from a user
Attracting a user during the first launch
Bringing a visual order to the data
Patterns for pins, spots and locations
Patterns for a messenger, chat, comments
Hiding the navigation behind a burger
Additional controls appearing in a pop menu
In-app registration flow
In-app monetization patterns
Space for users to customize preferences
Patterns of flow for search results
Patterns for user's preferences
Additional choice after primary action
Text data ordering for mobile compliance