Most comprehensive iOS components design library for speed up applications development by up to 40%

Figma iOS 12 kit


Different font variations are available
Reflexed shadows and variety of elevations available
Gradients are the part of global styles
240 feather icons included as Figma components
Native inputs, outlined, filed and even material are here

14 common sections of components

Headers, Navigation bars, Toolbars, Icons, Buttons and more. Everything you need to design beautiful and usable mobile apps now concentrated in the most advanced iOS design system. Every component is scalable, constrained and production-ready. Every section contains native & custom items.
This Figma design system is based on Atomic
Components-based approach will let you to reuse templates and components with ease
Every component has been crafted with proper attention to scalability, constraints and behavior
Neatly organized and labeled system to operate within Instances faster
Two independent icon sets included. More than 500+ icons available total
Developers now able to visually create apps without design skills
Components-based smart architecture allows you to interact with all the small elements faster by retouching parent component only. Position, Scale, Corners, Stroke and everything under your control

How it works

Components-driven iOS design system for effective and rapid customization
Hugest app templates bundle, where every pattern is considered: Cards, Lists, Inputs, Filtering, Datepickers and more. You are free to mix, combine, or use it as it is in your mobile projects.

iOS Templates included

More than 60 app layouts for your mobile projects

Product Roadmap

Become an Early Bird and start using this design system from the future just as low as $48.
Lifetime updates are guaranteed — purchase the kit now to save 60% before the completion of 5th sprint
Start prototyping not editing pixels
Figma iOS kit is aimed to let you jump over preparation of components and proceed to the prototyping immediately