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Material Design custom development
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Custom design job based on our Figma systems
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New product⚡ Ocean Enterprise design system for Figma

Build unlimited apps with reusable iOS templates

Figma iOS UI kit

Figma iOS design system logo
Figma iOS UI kit settings
Figma iOS UI kit datepicker
Figma iOS UI kit Home screen
Figma iOS UI kit filters
Swap between the native or custom style. Set your styleguides

Native & Styled components

Native iOS components and restyled
Best practices from the most successful apps included in this kit

240+ Reusable app templates

Named, organized and constrained iOS library to skip the pixel routine

Organized to design faster

Figma iOS design kit
Few theming variants available for every dark and light iOS layouts

Light & Dark iOS mobile patterns

iOS 13 dark UI kit theme
Reusable iOS app Figma templates
Reusable iOS patterns for: Authentication, Cards layouts, Comments, Date selection, Filtering patterns, Home screens, Inputs combinations, Launch screens, Lists, Maps, Messages, Navigation, Profile, Subscription plans, Search, Settings, PIN input, Registration, Bottom sheets, Grids, Charts statistics, Data tables and more

240+ iOS templates


Navigation bars, Bottom bars, Text fields, Selection controls, Icons, Buttons, Cards, Lists, Dialogs, Graphs, Social components, Datepickers, Empty states, Engagement, Filtering, Bottom sheets, Pickers and more

400+ iOS components


iOS Figma components - text fields
iOS Figma components - buttons
iOS Figma components - pickers
iOS Figma components - tab bars
iOS Figma components - dialogs modals
iOS Figma components - filtering
iOS Figma components - calendars
iOS Figma components - charts
iOS Figma components - sheets
iOS Figma components - navigation bars
iOS Figma components - empty states
iOS Figma components - segmented controls
iOS Figma components - lists
iOS Figma components - social
iOS Figma components - cards
iOS Figma components - keyboard
Each section contains light & dark iOS layouts provided in a few styles. Powered by the best user flows from famous and successful mobile apps

Light & Dark iOS mobile patterns

Light & Dark iOS layouts for Figma
Components-based approach allows you to adjust & customize this kit by retouching master-components only. Position, Scale, Corners, Stroke and everything under your control.

Powered by components

Components-driven iOS design system for effective and rapid customization
This system is properly named and grouped. Each UI component comes with resizing constraints set correctly. You will discover a lot of reusable mobile layouts.

Organized Figma iOS library

Pick a plan

Choose a Figma iOS kit or take a look at Material UI kit to cover all mobile platforms. If you're looking for custom Flutter development - contact us
Figma iOS kit
Components-driven library of iOS design patterns. Inspired by the World's top apps. Human Interface guidelines · Preview

Material UI kit
Hundreds of constrained material components and app templates. guidelines. Light & Dark layouts · Try before buy

Flutter custdev
Let's talk
We'll take our design kits, create necessary layouts, and develop the Flutter templates for your iOS and Android apps

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Questions and Answers
Which license type should I choose?
You must select proper license type according to the amount of employees in your company. If you're a freelancer or individual player - pick a Single license. If you're representing a small business with total amount of 2-10 employees - pick a Business license. For big companies with 11+ employees Enterprise license is the best fit.
Can I build commercial projects with this design system?
Yes! You can build unlimited amount of commercial or personal projects with your license. But, please, consider your organization size while picking a license.
How to start with this design system?
After the successful purchase via Gumroad (it's safe and encrypted) you will be taken to a download page. You will also get the download link in your email (check the SPAM folder sometimes). Then just simply drag and drop .FIG file onto your Figma app. Do not drop it onto the project. Drop it over the starting screen with recent projects grid.
How to avoid "File failed to import..." in Figma?
In some rare occasions, the import is finishing with an error. It's on Figma's side. Figma is sensitive to your machine GPU and RAM. For the first, try to re-import via the browser app. Yes! Figma works in the browser. Simply open, then sign in and drag and drop .FIG file again. For the second, if there's no effect, you can message us and we will send you a direct link for your copy, so you can duplicate it and start. Don't panic, you will get your system in any case!
Your design is awesome, but I need the code as well...
We're open minded for your development inquires. If you're looking for a front-end solutions based on our design products, simply drop us a line describing your preferences and budget. We can code for React, Angular and VUE.