Eclipse UI kit is a hi-end design system for Figma. Crafted & organized well

1100+ variants for 80 components

Figma dataviz dashboard UI kit
Quickstart your dashboard design with reusable web app layouts collection

70+ dashboard templates

This kit fits either for data design, infographics, pitches or print materials

For a variety of design purposes

Figma Charts UI kit
Build UXeful web apps and attractive dashboards faster and easier

Dark & Light themes

Figma Charts UI kit
Figma Charts UI kit
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with Eclipse UI kit
High-quality dashboard templates served as customizable Figma library
Figma design system
Starting from $168
You will get UI kit as the design system with 80 components, 1100+ variants and 74 dashboard templates for desktop & mobile web applications
Duplicate lite version
Buy bundle save 30%
Starting from $218
Setproduct Galaxy Bundle includes two premium design systems for Figma with more than 1600+ components in total and over 100 templates
Figma Orion UI kit preview
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