Websy – is a design kit for creating clear and effective mobile and desktop landing pages to represent your product, application or services in a better way

Figma landing pages templates

Landing pages templates Figma

How it works

Take a look at live designer's workflow using Websy. It's a showcase of designing promo templates by combine components from this kit.
18 templates included! Launch mobile & desktop sites faster by building any pages from 109 responsive pre-designed blocks.
Components-driven landing pages constructor delivered as Figma smart web design system
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We have a smart bundle of design products that saves a lot of time. Accelerate today!
Contains 450 material components, 60 design templates and 1000+ icons pack. Biggest team library for Figma at the present moment
This kit saves your time and let you produce mobile and desktop applications faster
Material design system
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Figma design system with the components-made architecture. Well-constrained, responsive and ready to use. Two themes to start with.
Components-driven mobile UI library. Consists of 140 responsive application templates
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Makes ultra easy to create rapidly customizable and beautiful graphs for dashboards, presentations, visualizations or any other products
Powerful design kit for smarter charts prototyping. Components-driven to quickly refill with your data
Visualize your data faster
Paginated into 40+ most popular categories.
Optimized for toggling faster using 'Instance' feature.
1500+ hugest icons pack. Made as components library and neatly organized

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