Figma design templates

Toggle your design process into semi-automatic mode

• This design kit includes 105 mobile app templates and 253 material UI modules. Resizing and with constraints set properly.

• Made as full-power Atomic design system. Customize molecules and atoms to override whole templates and pages.

• Crafted with care into 8dp grid and followed by material design guidelines attentively.

• Most frequent UX patterns designed with attitude to usability: Search, Register, Filtering, User profile, Inputs, Navigation and more...
Every template and every UI module is resizing. For every component constraints were set properly to let your get free of the routine

Scalable & Responsive

Watch the video overview

Take control over each component by just switching it from the dropdown menu. This product made with precise attitude to usability, so it has the ultimate level of structure and organization and offers usage the power of Figma 'Instances' at the maximum.

Focus on project, not pixels

Drag, drop and fit. That's it!

Focus on project, not pixels

Every component in this design system made with proper constraints for flexible resizing. The behavior of specific material UI module already considered in advance. You just need to drag, drop and fit to obtain clear, simple and effective design without limits for your application.

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Made exclusively for Figma.
The design tool like Sketch, but free and runs under Windows. Ideal for developing atomic-based design systems

Turn your design process into semi-automatic mode!

High-grade Design System with 105 application templates and 253 material components. Crafted with attention to mobile usability, including advanced UX patterns and user flows
A few clicks required to sign up with Google account, or you can register using e-mail. Figma is free!
Get your Figma account
Download desktop app
Figma works under Windows, Mac or directly in your browser. And it works well with .Sketch files
Drag'n'drop .FIG files
Once you've purchased any of Setproduct item, you have to simply drop it into Figma workflow
Go to Components tab
Then just press Alt+2 or click on 'Components' tab at the left bottom of the screen. You now good to go!

How to quickstart?

It's easy to migrate from Sketch or Photoshop to start using Mobile Design System in Figma

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