131 App templates · 253 material UI components as smart mobile design system

Figma Android Kit

Mobile and desktop · Rapid customization · Atomic principles


App templates


Material icons


UI components

What's inside?

Thumbnailed list elements with numeric selector
Steppers layout and stroked inputs
Filled inputs recommended for desktop layouts as well
Filtering mobile component
Material navigation drawer UI component

Designed to engage!

How it works

Take control over each component by just switching it from the dropdown menu. This product made with precise attitude to usability, so it has the ultimate level of structure and organization and offers usage the power of Figma 'Instances' at the maximum.
Export templates directly to Android XML. With developers handoff in Figma you carry out less docs from designer to developer. RIP styleguides! Hello acceleration

Export design to Android XML

Scalable from mobile to desktop within the same widgets. Atomic design principles considered. Fits for web and mobile applications

From mobile to desktop with ease

Filtering component used in mobile and in web template
Sample of desktop material layout
Material list item
Every template and every UI module is resizing. For every component constraints were set properly to let your get free of the routine

Responsive & Resizing

Instance is a best way to toggle every little detail in any component to generate different styles quickly and choose most optimal.

Toggle styles within clicks

Profile template style 1
Profile template style 2
Desktop and mobile web inputs
Material inputs style

Start to design any apps faster

Purchase mobile design system now!
This product accelerates the workflow
Based on Atomic design principles, this system made with smart architecture to use full power of Instances and boost your workflow
Quick customizable mobile design system. 131 app layouts and 250+ components inside.
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Contains 450 material components, 60 design templates and 1000+ icons pack. Biggest team library for Figma at the present moment
This kit saves your time and let you produce mobile and desktop applications faster
Hurry up to grab your 50% OFF deal during the PROMO period
Makes ultra easy to create rapidly customizable and beautiful graphs for dashboards, presentations, visualizations or any other products
Powerful design kit for smarter charts prototyping. Components-driven to quickly refill with your data
Visualize your data faster
Paginated into 40 most popular categories.
Optimized for toggling using 'Instance' feature.
1000+ material icons bundle. Made as components library
A few clicks required to sign up with Google account, or you can register using e-mail. Figma is free!
Get your Figma account
Download desktop app
Figma works under Windows, Mac or directly in your browser. And it works well with .Sketch files
Drag'n'drop .FIG files
Once you've purchased any of Setproduct item, you have to simply drop it into Figma workflow
Go to Components tab
Then just press Alt+2 or click on 'Components' tab at the left bottom of the screen. You now good to go!

How to quickstart?

It's easy to migrate from Sketch or Photoshop to start using Mobile Design System in Figma

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