Material Design System made for business

Now 1682 material components to speed up development time by up to 50%

The hugest design system for Figma

Latest version 1.4 • Last updated: 16.03.18
511 design modules + 1171 material icons

Application bars & headers

Components section

Buttons & filtering

Bottom navigation

Cards templates

Charts constructor

Chips & badges

Colors & Backgrounds global

Datepickers & timepickers

Dialogs constructor

Grid list builder

Material icons

Lists items & settings items

Layouts for devices

Menus & dropdown items

Misc. elements

Navigation drawers & sidebars

Placeholders & engagement

Selection & option items

Snackbars & notifications

Steppers & walkthrough

Text fields & inputs

Tables constructor

Tabs navigation

Typography & fonts properties

UI items

























Expansion panels



  • Developed within nested architecture for one-click customization
  • Guided with descriptive documentation / onboarding
  • Made to fit for both of desktop & mobile applications
  • Material & custom design modules fitted to 8dp grid with following to guidelines
  • Perfect organized for quick prototyping using Figma 'Instance' features

For product, UI / UX designers

Stop creating from scratch the same buttons, icons and modules along with every new project started. Use this huge library of predefined UI modules to complete your tasks faster.

For web / app developers

This system will let you dip into design process, learn or enhance prototyping skills. Use Figma 'Instance' feature to create layouts. No reason to edit pixels manually, unless you want to go deeper in customization.

For IT managers / entrepreneurs

Achieve more goals with accelerated development. Simply equip your team with this library in Figma environment and watch how your product began to grow faster than before.

For product, UI / UX designers
For web / app developers
For IT managers / entrepreneurs

Your guaranteed timesaver

This product was developed by the designer who tired of creating tons of the same components when started a new project. Material Design System will help to get rid of UI routine and design headaches forever.

Meet multicomponents! Rapid prototyping as never before

Use full power of Figma instances

You can switch between predefined states and styles via "Instance" menu through the system within few clicks. Apply desired visual changes to the master-component, then spread it to all sub-elements in the system at once. Easy game!

All states pre-designed: default, active, error, focused and more

Organized with usability

Whole team library is paginated into 25 sections. Every component is labeled with care and purpose to make the quickstart more easier.

Organized for easy quickstart. 25 categories of components

With export to CSS • XML • Swift

Developers' handoff integrated! No Zeplin or the same required. Go to 'CODE' tab in Figma and export everything you need.

Sign in predefined component in Material Design system
Registration pre-designed module in Material Design system
Figma code export to Swift iOS
Figma code export to Android
Figma code export to CSS
This is predefined Sign up module ready to use in your next prototype

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over 1682 components total

And more prototyping modules made of

Application bar, Headers, Buttons, Filtering, Bottom navigation, Cards, Charts constructor, Chips, Badges, Colors & backgrounds, Date & timepicker, Dialogs constructor, Expansion panels, Grid lists, 1171 material icons, Lists, Layouts whiteframes (mobile, tablet, desktop), Menus dropdown, Navigation drawers, Selection items, Snackbars, Steppers, Text fields & inputs, Tables constructor, Tabs, Typography, Template examples