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Material design prototyping

Responsive design system with 240+ UI modules to prototype faster like never before. Even without design skills...

like fitting the puzzle

Audio app designed with Material Design system kit
Mailbox prototype UI design in Figma

Meet multicomponents!
Rapid prototyping as never before

So, what is a multicomponent? It's a seamless component consisting of a plurality of repetitive sub-elements that can be scaled by a simple resize of height, width, or on two axes at once.

Meet multicomponents! Rapid prototyping as never before

All states considered

You can apply any changes via "Instance" menu through the system within few clicks. Download this system, use it's nested architecture, customize your design then deploy. Easy game!

All states pre-designed: default, active, error, focused and more

Grouped in pages

Every kind of components divided by pages and labeled with clear names for more accessibility either by developers team

Design components separated by pages and organized
Design components separated by pages and organized
Design components separated by pages and organized

Quick export to CSS • XML • Swift

Developers' handoff built-in! No Zeplin required. Go to CODE tab and export everything

Sign in predefined component in Material Design system
Registration pre-designed module in Material Design system
Figma code export to Swift iOS
Figma code export to Android
Figma code export to CSS
This is predefined Sign up module ready to use in your next prototype. Coming soon in v1.4

Colors and Backgrounds

Made as nested components for quick and simple customization



Huge amount of buttons and selection controls to choose from

Text fields

Few input styles available to cover all devices and cases


300+ frequent material icons crafted as components and well-sorted


Multicomponents (↧) constructor allows to build responsive tables in 3 sizes


Material, classic and even rounded tabs. To choose from small, medium or large scale

Navigation drawer

Custom colors avaliable according your base theme.


Classic material dialogs tweaked. Let's cut some pixels from corners


Backgrounds as components help you to stay flexible

over 240+ components

and more categories with

Application bar, Avatars, Badges, Bottom navigation, Buttons, Cards, Chips, Dialogs, Drawers, Expansion panels, Grids, Lists, Menus, Modals, Pickers, Selection controls, Snackbars, Steppers, Tables, Tabs, Text fields, Inputs, Tooltips shaped with care in 8pt grid