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Material Design 2 ReactJS templates to save ⏰ on development.
Enhanced components kit for the next-level user interfaces

React Components Kit

Ultimate timesaving library for dashboards and web applications

react dashboard template
Figma dashboard
react desktop material design
Pop up modal dialog ui
Pop up modal dialog ui
Check out the demo
Filled, Ghost, Smooth and Raised, FAB and other buttons. We provide the quality for every little detail
Blue React Button
Green React Floating Action Button
Read React Card Button
Yellow React Notification Component
Dark React Action Button
Custom React Counter and Voter components
We're working hard on a Material Desktop ReactJS library and templates.
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Scheduled on April 2019.

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More to come for ReactJS soon
We've analyzed and examined thousands of applications to provide the most powerful next-level components library for your workflow acceleration and faster development
Advanced styles, attention to the details and microinteractions for the maximum usability

Smart Components

This system uses a font combination of Roboto & Quicksand. Free Product Sans alternative

Paired Typography

Smooth colors, tasty gradients and advanced elevation system for the next web applications

Enhanced Styles

Every template comes properly labeled, organized and production-ready. Guaranteed boost!

Developers Friendly

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