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Material Icons Pack

300+ solid icons as components
for your design system

material design icons

Big pack of frequent material icons implemented into Figma environment

Made as components / symbols

What is in the pack

300+ material icons carefully crafted into 20 frequent categories:
Account & User • Add & Plus • Alerts & Notification • Arrows • Charts • Devices • Date & Time • Delete & Close • Files & Folders • Message & Mail • Menu & Settings • Photo & Video • Pin & Location • Selection • Shopping & Finance • Smiles • Social • Sort & View • Text & Edit • Tools • Transport

Bounds to any size

Every icon constraints set to center in both axis. So you can expand the boundary by dragging the frame border, or set height or width manually. Use Figma scale tool (K) after, if necessary.

Quick replacement via "Instance" menu

Change the icon faster having this iconic set made as components / symbols

PRO icons

Your material icon starter pack for every prototype in Figma. Equipped with nested backgrounds to customize thousands icons at once in every of 40 categories

1500+ material icons library

Account & user icons • Addition & plus • Alerts & notifications • Arrows • Audio & sound controls • Badges • Battery & charging level • Business • Bookmarks & reading • Camera • Charts • Cancel or deletion • Chevrons • Desktop & mobile devices • Date & time • Files & folders • Finance & money • Games & sport • Location • Messaging & mail • Network • Phone & calls • People • Player controls • POIs • Selection controls • Shapes • Signal & WiFi • Smiles & emoji • Social icons • Sorting • Shopping & ecommerce • Settings • Text & edit • Tools • Transport • Vector edit controls • View
Pick an Individual or Business license

Choose a Material Design or take a look at Material Dashboard to get all the desktop patterns covered. If you're looking for custdev based on our Figma libraries - contact us
Material Design Library
Figma library of 120 mobile layouts crafted with 1000+ material components based on latest guidelines · Preview
Material Design Dashboard
Figma library of 48 reusable dashboard templates made of constrained components. Based on popular apps · Preview
Custom Development
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We'll take our design kits, create necessary layouts, and develop the React / Angular / Vue web application. Front-end / Back-end
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