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Material buttons

Different styles

Flat button, raised button, FAB and etc. All possible kinds of buttons available to choose from. Even ghost buttons and gradient buttons included.
Orderliness in structure of each button as component allows to change background styles within few clicks. Color, shadows, corner radius. Change the style of master-button and customization will spread all over buttons immediately. Made for simple customization!

Social buttons

Social buttons came in with version 1.3. Fits perfect with login / sign in modules.
Floating action buttons
Social buttons

Iconic buttons

Use this type of buttons if you want to increase the value using visual power of icons. Both of left & right alignment available.

Switch states quickly

You can quickly switch the statement of specific buttons using INSTANCE dropdown menu. For example, switching to disabled button from raised and back made really easy.
Iconic buttons
Change button styles via instance menu


Get rid of the routine! Meet your prototyping boosters - multicomponents. It's a seamless module made of repetitive elements clipped off the frame. You just need to drag the frame border and decide how many elements you want to show
Change button styles via instance menu
This is predefined multicomponent. It scales unlimited to the right while tabs elements appearing
Each button equipped with almost invisible reflex shadows. You can switch it of for master-button to spread the effect for all similar sub-elements