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New productLevitate UI kit — Figma 3D scene builder & Presentation templates

1,150+ customizable line icons for Figma.
Easy to edit a path, stroke width, or corner radius.

Anron Icons set

Anron Figma icons set
Growing pack of icons.
Send your requests ☕
Easily change the path, stroke weight, or corner radius of any icon.

Variable stroke width and radius

Figma Charts UI kit
Icons are perfectly balanced and ready for the endless scale.

Great balance & scalability

Filled version is based on linear. Use any of two styles as a perfect pair.

Switch between linear and filled

Figma Charts UI kit
Safely change the icon content even when it's used a thousand times.

Organized and adjustable icons

Figma Charts UI kit
Figma Charts UI kit

Outlined & filled Figma icons · Try a demo

Fully customizable 1,150+ icons pack for professional web and mobile interfaces. Easily change the path, stroke weight, or corner radius of any icon in seconds. Well-organized to 18 categories.
Easily change the path, stroke weight, or corner radius of any icon.

Variable stroke width and radius

Design system styleguide, colors and fonts
Safely change the icon content even when it's used in hundreds of components.

Organized and customizable

Design system components UI

Outlined & Filled variants to have on hand. Easy to swap icon style.

Get started with
Anron icons for Figma
Starting from $48
1,150+ customizable line icons for Figma.
Easy to edit a path, stroke width, or corner radius.
Fits for mobile and desktop web applications and PC/Mac software.

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Questions and Answers
Which license type should I choose?
You must select proper license type according to the amount of team members in Figma, if you're purchasing our product for business. Otherwise, you have to pick a Single license.

Single license — for freelancers, indie developers or solopreneurs working on a side-project
Business license — for small organizations with total amount of 2-10 designers or developers working in Figma
Enterprise license — for large businesses with a purpose to extend to Unlimited team members in Figma
Can I build commercial projects with this design system?
Yes! You can build unlimited amount of commercial or personal projects with your license. But, please, consider your organization size while picking a license.
How to start with this design system?
After the successful purchase via Gumroad (it's safe and encrypted) you will be taken to a download page. You will also get the download link in your email (check the SPAM folder sometimes). Then just simply drag and drop .FIG file onto your Figma app. Do not drop it onto the project. Drop it over the starting screen with recent projects grid.
How to avoid "File failed to Publish/Import..." in Figma?
In some rare occasions, the import is finishing with an error. Figma is sensitive to your machine GPU and RAM. For the first, try to re-import via the browser app. Yes! Figma works in the browser. Simply open, then sign in and drag and drop .FIG file again. For the second, if there's no effect, you can message us and we will send you a direct link for your copy, so you can duplicate it and start. Don't panic, you will get your system in any case!

Sometimes Figma can't publish into a team library. It's not on our side, because our systems work fine at your local machine. It's on Figma's side and many of users worldwide complaining about the same issue: thread, thread, thread . If you purchased Business or Enterprise license and experienced this, please contact us and we'll proceed the refund. Otherwise, we suggest to contact Figma's support.
I am not so good at Figma. Can a Hire your team to adjust your product form my project?
We're open minded for your development inquires. We can create custom templates based on our Figma templates. If you're looking for a front-end solutions based on our design products, simply contact us describing your preferences and budget. We can code for React, Angular and VUE.
Guys, I ❤ whacha doing, but can I have a discount?
Sure! Just drop us a message with a short story how you plan to use our product and we will give you a ✨30% off coupon for Single/Individual license (only) for any single UI kit you'll pick!