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Tables builder

Made as constructor

The usage of tables section in material prototyping kit is about few steps. There are several table components divided by categories into 32px, 40px and 56px row height: table basement, text data multicolumn, numeric multicolumn. Those components are predesigned according to Multicomponents approach.
Simple steps to build a table:

• Select desired table grid size in terms of your layout
• Simply drag and drop the component onto active artboard
• Set table background to preferred dimension by resizing
• Place the '#Multicolumn' component over the grid
• Resize the column to fit the table base
• Replace placeholder text with your specific data
• Clone it depending on columns amount you wish
• That's it! You now have the material table in less than 5 mins

Responsive in advance

Once your table was built, you can group it into frame to obtain the responsivity. Select all the columns, table basement and Group by pressing ⌘ / Ctrl + G combination. Then select "Frame" in top right dropdown menu.

Pagination blocks

You will find a plenty of predesigned pagination modules below the table elements. Just snap it to the table bottom and set the same width. Those components will fit perfect together.
Showcase of how quickly you could create the data table
All the predefined components for tables builder are located in the left column. Drag and drop, then deploy.
Table dividers made as component. So you can customize the color, opacity or line style within few movements for unlimited amount of tables
Table basement height 40 px
Text data column aligned to the left
Numeric data column aligned to the right
Table basement height 48 px
Table basement height 56 px
Don't forget to use proper data alignment → use the module 'Multicolumn Numeric' for all numeric data (aligned to the right), all other data should be aligned to the left
Once converted into frame the table becomes responsive
Material design pagination module
Classic pagination module