Quick resources export
The developers themselves export necessary graphics and components
Buttons, components, icons and other graphics, developers can export themselves at any resolutions. CSS, iOS and Android code are supported.

It does not require downloading and dealing with the design environment. You just download our design kit, then drag'n'drop it into your browser window and start working as you wish.
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Responsive supported
Each screen in this kit is scalable at any resolution
This set is 100% adaptive. All the design elements are constrained. We premeditated for developers which components stick to the edges of the screen and which stretch to 100% width. Just pull the corner of any screen and you will see the reaction of the components in real time
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From designers to developers with hugs
Indents and dimensions of the elements are integrated into the design
We avoid tedious descriptions of specifications, dimensions and spacing of the elements. Just because it's integrated into our product. We understand developers want to be closer to them.

This product is developed in the Figma environment. This is a terrific tool allowing the developers themselves to navigate through the prototype and to watch all the indents and dimensions using the Alt key and the mouse.

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Interconnections of screens
The source with design contains all possible user flows
For the developers to better understand the sequence of screens and transitions between them, we have integrated user flows into our prototype. You can see all typical user scenarios :
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Flexibility of editing
Change any components of design in just a few clicks
Our application kit is designed so that all component categories are subject to the main one. Changing the color, size or font of the main one, you, similarly, change the other
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